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Meyler Campbell
27th March 2020

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Bulletin 2: Useful resources & learning opportunities

This bulletin contains a round up of useful resources and learning opportunities.



Download the Videoconferencing Apps & Platforms PDF here

The need for a reliable videoconferencing platform has skyrocketed as a result of our current health crisis. We have identified some of our favourites to help you decide which platform would work best for you.


Top Tips For One-To-One Video Calls

Meyler Campbell Faculty Member Guy Ashton has shared his top tips for one-to-one video calls including how best to position yourself on camera and the importance of as-near-as-normal eye-to-eye contact as possible.


What You Need in a Crisis: Psychological Capital

Explained by Cooke & Moore, psychological capital consists of the resources in our "psychological bank accounts" that keep us all positive, agile and effective. This psychological capital is crucial to rely on during a crisis.


How to Be Your Best Self in Times of Crisis

Psychologist Susan David takes part in a special virtual conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson to share her wisdom on how to "build resilience, courage and joy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic".


Coping with Coronavirus: 8 tips from experience in dealing with brain damage

Meyler Campbell Alum David Lancefield shares his 8 tips for coping with challenging situations born out of his own personal experience. This could be managing your health, coping with the isolation or a change in family or work circumstances.


16 Myers-Briggs Types Quarantined

Thanks to Faculty Member Kirstan Marnane for offering us some much needed light relief!


TED Connects: Community & Hope

TEDtalks, the popular online video resource platform, is offering a free, live, daily discussion series featuring experts, such as Bill Gates the business leader and philanthropist and Susan David, a psychologist who studies emotional agility.  These daily conversations can help us all work through this uncertain time together. The talks are available to re-watch on Facebook live in case you missed them.


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