Bulletin 3: Useful resources & learning opportunities

Meyler Campbell
03rd April 2020

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Bulletin 3: Useful resources & learning opportunities

This bulletin contains a round up of useful resources and learning opportunities.

The Meyler Campbell Guide To Online Coaching

All of the information, reading, and resources we have gathered so far to help set you up for coaching online. 


Thank You!

The Meyler Campbell community has stepped up in force this week to offer to help us in any way they can whether that be to write copy, deliver webinars or generally volunteer their services to the community (watch this space for the forthcoming bookclub!). We are deeply appreciative that at a time when everyone is under enormous pressure you took the time to offer us your support. I won’t embarrass you by listing you all but I wanted to say on behalf of the team and the rest of the community THANK YOU ALL – you know who you are.

Webinar Update

Due to the incredible demand for our free CPD webinars, wherever possible we have increased capacity or added an additional webinar for some of our recently sold out events.


Unlocking Us Podcast with Brené Brown

BrenĂ© Brown has recently launched her new podcast series, "Unlocking Us", focusing on conversations that unlock who we are, and how we live, love, parent and lead, with more courage and heart.  These podcasts are available for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play and Castbox.


Why Are You Panic Working? Try This Instead

Gianpiero Petriglieri tells us why throwing ourselves into work during the Covid-19 crisis isn't the answer. With an uncertain time ahead for everyone, now is the time to help one another, and not to believe that working longer and harder will equal 'business as normal'.


Managing Yourself In Difficult Circumstances

Meyler Campbell Alum Dale Potts shares her thoughts on the best ways to manage yourself through difficult circumstances, specifically through the current Covid-19 crisis. 


Anne Scoular & Herminia Ibarra win Warren Bennis Prize

Their article 'Leader As Coach' was the unanimous winner of the Warren Bennis prize for top-rated HBR article in 2019. Congratulations Anne & Hermina!


What I'm Reading
Meyler Campbell Founder Anne Scoular shares what books she is reading that help her to unwind in this 'strange and jittery new world', click here.  Meyler Campbell Alum Rob Yeo has also shared his Covid-19 lock-down reading list, click here.   Share what you're reading with the community.


Shout - Crisis Text Service

Thank you to John Baldry who recommended this volunteer service for the community. Shout is the UK's first text service, free on all major mobile networks, to support those who are struggling at any time. Shout is powered by volunteers who can help to answer those who are in need of someone to talk to. As coaches, we can offer our skills of listening to those who need it.


Action For Happiness

Action for Happiness has created an 'Active Coping Calendar' which includes daily actions to help us look after ourselves during the global crisis. The calendar is available to download as a PDF, and in multiple languages. You can also sign up to receive a monthly calendar from Action for Happiness.


We thought you might also be interested in

Survive & Thrive; a free course to enroll on for those who want to improve their learning about health & nutrition.
LinkedIn Learning; setting yourself and your team up for success.
Weathering The Storm; free access to the meditation app Headspace's new collection of meditations, sleep, and breathing exercises.


Keeping the kids entertained

Audible Stories for kids; open for as long as schools are closed.
David Walliams; every day at 11am he is releasing a book reading for children.
Indoor Activities;  28 indoor activities to keep the kids entertained!


And finally - keeping you entertained

In case you haven't seen this, here is how one family in Kent is thriving in the lock down:
Familys Viral 'Les Mis' Lockdown Success


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