Bulletin 7: Useful resources & learning opportunities

Meyler Campbell
01st May 2020

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Bulletin 7: Useful resources & learning opportunities

Since lockdown began, we have all been increasingly inundated with information. In view of the plethora of competing voices, we have taken the decision to ease off on our own contributions. In future, this bulletin will be published fortnightly. 

The Meyler Campbell Guide to Emotions & Emotional Intelligence Part #1

Susan David's helpful perspective on emotional agility provides us with a good pathway to our latest guide: The Meyler Campbell Guide to Emotions and Emotional Intelligence Part #1.


Upcoming Webinars

Fast-Track to Accreditation Webinar
Tuesday 12 May | 10:00 - 11:00 BST
To help you get started on the Fast-Track to Accreditation we have organised the "Fast-Track to Accreditation" webinar to be led by Mary Watts & Liz Gooster on Tuesday 12th May. Mary and Liz will talk you through the routes and levels and help you to get started with your application. This webinar is open to Meyler Campbell graduates and current Mastered participants only.

The Power of Context with Eyal Pavell
Tuesday 05 May | 15:00 - 16:15 BST
Meyler Campbell Faculty Member and psychologist turned coach and consultant, Eyal Pavell will show us how to look deeply into the systems and environments that shape us and will introduce practical tools for coaches.

The Joy of Family History
Thursday 28 May | 10:00 - 11:00 BST
By popular demand, we will be running a second webinar on The Joy of Family History with Anne Scoular. Anne will recap some of the information from her first webinar, but this session will place more focus on your own family history.

How To Academy Online Events
Sign up to daily online events with How To Academy.  Learn how to survive in extreme isolation with Ingrid Betancourt & Oliver Chittenden; how to find yourself with Hannah MacInne; or learn how to adapt and thrive as a creative leader with Matthew Syed.  Thanks to Faculty Member Ann Orton for sharing!


Useful Resources

That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief
In this short piece, Scott Berinato, a senior editor at the Harvard Business Review, interviews David Kessler, a foremost expert on grief and co-author (with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross) of On Grief and Grieving. Those familiar with the Kubler-Ross Grief (or Change) Curve and stages will recognise these same concepts being applied as a framework to help make sense of our current experiences. He also offers a few immediate tips to help us through. Thank you to Penny Moyle & Camilla Sugden for sharing.

Compassionate Leadership
An inspiring story of a brave and compassionate female medical leader from Malaysia, Dr Jemilah Mahmood ICLIF, working in different crisis zones around the world. Told with engaging humour her story demonstrates the importance of a sense of purpose, determination and courage and of building networks to support you. Thank you to Des O'Connell & Camilla Sugden for sharing.

The busier you are, the more you need quiet time
A HBR article examining the importance of dedicated silent periods to encourage successful working and improved quality of work.

The dark side of personality
Gillian Hyde, Chief Psychologist at Psychological Consultancy Ltd, explains why it is important to understand how our derailers affect our work, home life and relationships, as well as the importance of having empathy for others during this current period of disruption.

Pandemic Resources from Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield is a Buddhist Practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West.  Access his 'pandemic resources' including videos, podcasts, and articles to help you practice mindfulness. Thanks to Faculty Member Sarah Martin for sharing!

We’re actually decent people in a crisis – and stories claiming otherwise do harm
The most recent article from Tim Harford, an author, columnist for the Financial Times and presenter of Radio 4's "More or Less". 


For you

Google Arts & Culture
Explore art history from the comfort of your own home. Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, then head over to The Met in New York, and round off your day at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

Live-stream theatre at home
Ticketmaster shares their guide to the best that live theatre has to offer. You can stream all of these shows without having to leave your armchair.


For the kids

Plan your homeschooling with BBC Bitesize
BBC Bitesize have created helpful weekly plans for parents schooling their children in the lockdown with 150 new lessons each week.

How to help your teenagers cope with lockdown
A useful article from Barnardo's on how to help your teenagers survive lockdown.


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