A Christmas message from our CEO

Catherine Devitt
19th December 2017

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A Christmas message from our CEO

Reasons to be grateful - a Christmas message from Catherine Devitt, Meyler Campbell CEO

Dear friends,

Those of us of a certain age will remember a popular song by Ian Drury and the Blockheads called Reasons to be Cheerful – I hope that Ian wouldn’t mind me paraphrasing his song title for this message because when I reflected on this year I was reminded of how many reasons to be grateful there are. 

It has been another positive and productive year for Meyler Campbell but unsurprisingly, being a people business our reasons to be grateful are all about people.  Among the countless things that I could list in 2017 we were particularly grateful for:

The more than 600 alumni who make up the Meyler Campbell community and who continue to: recommend friends and colleagues for our programmes; support our events; answer our pleas for help; advise us; challenge us to do more and better; meet with prospective Mastered candidates; deliver Fishbowls and other CPD events; write articles and blogs; and in every way give their time willingly to support our work. 

The 46 wonderful new coaches who graduated our Mastered Programme in September and the 55 brilliant and diverse candidates who came forward for our Mastered programme this year – they all continue to bring fresh and intriguing perspectives to our thinking and debates and enrich our community even further.

The class representatives who volunteered their time and effort to build the class network, host events and support their fellow learners.   

The 12 brave souls who agreed to talk on film about their experience of Mastered and of coaching and who allowed us to host those videos on the Meyler Campbell website, and the one magician who made those twelve beautiful videos.

The challenging and thought-provoking Masterclasses delivered by Professor Bill Critchley, Professor Adrian Furnham, Richard Martin and Carol Kauffman.

Graduation is always a special event but this year the guest address from the inimitable Ruth Sack added a whole new dimension and many felt ‘it was the best yet’. 

The amazing Margaret Heffernan who delivered the Meyler Campbell lecture in November, an event people are still talking about.

The people behind the new Meyler Campbell Gives Back section of the website including: those who applied for the John Stopford Scholarship and the people who referred them.  We had so many inspiring candidates this year that we awarded two scholarships rather than one and we are delighted to welcome Catherine Andrews of On Purpose and Ed Parker of Walking with the Wounded.  We are also grateful for Lizzie Cho whose boundless positivity and stoicism in the wake of Grenfell inspired us to launch the first Meyler Campbell Christmas Appeal on behalf of Nova – New Opportunity.

The amazing Meyler Campbell team, the old and the new, who continue to offer superb support and service to all our Faculty, community and clients; the Mastered Programme Director, our external assessor and our Chief Supervisor who continue to advise and support us so as to ensure that our programmes are as good as they can be.

Our four newest Faculty members who took on their first Mastered syndicates and led them with great style and expertise and our eleven existing Faculty members who continue to deliver transformational learning experiences to their syndicates and the wider community.

The people who helped us to keep our dear friend Juan Coto at the heart of our work, supporting us to raise awareness of mental health issues during National Mental Health Week by delivering a Masterclass, writing blogs and articles and following that up in December with a two-day Mental Health first aid certification programme for coaches.

And finally………………………………………………

The visionary clients who commissioned Meyler Campbell to work with them this year and from whom we are constantly learning.
Meyler Campbell can only ever be as good as the people who work with us, learn with us and commission us to work with them and to every one of you I say Thank You, you have given us endless reasons to be grateful in 2017.

Merry Christmas everyone and we hope that 2018 will be ‘the best yet’ for all of us.
Warmest regards,

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