Meyler Campbell Alum wins FT Innovative Lawyer of the Year award

Meyler Campbell & Sophie Schwass
27th September 2019

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Meyler Campbell Alum wins FT Innovative Lawyer of the Year award

Congratulations to Meyler Campbell 2019 Graduate Sophie Schwass on her recent success at the Financial Times European Innovative Lawyers Awards 2019.

Alongisde her team at Lloyds Banking Group, Sophie - Head of Legal Operations at Lloyds Banking Group - won the award of 'Innovation in strategy and changing behaviours'.  In the Financial Time's report, Lloyds was named 'standout' for Talent, Strategy & Changing Behaviours.

We asked Sophie a few questions about this success and what it meant to her:

Meyler Campbell (MC): What does winning this award mean to you?

Sophie Schwass (SS): It creates a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the people who have been a part of delivering our strategy. 

MC: Did Meyler Campbell and your experience on the programme assist with the winning of this award?

SS: Indirectly, yes.  My listening evolved to unlock possibilities I previously may not have seen, I empowered others on a larger scale and continually being exposed to and discovering new approaches, ideas and people enabled greater creativity.  On a more personal level, driving changes in behaviours and ways of working can be thankless, lonely and tough at times. Our tutor, Guy Ashton, introduced me to an amazing MC graduate, Aidan Bell, who coached me through many bumpy moments - I’m not sure I would have stuck with it and got the work done to merit the award without this support.

MCWhat would be your biggest recommendation for current students?

SS: I’d recommend taking moments to pause and reflect on what a profound impact you are having on others through your coaching. For me, it’s a lovely reminder of what it’s all about. 


Sophie also explained more about the work that went into winning this award, click here to read more.

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