The Meyler Campbell response to Covid-19

Catherine Devitt, CEO Meyler Campbell
20th March 2020

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The Meyler Campbell response to Covid-19

Dear friends,

The world has changed dramatically for us all in less than a week. This time last week, I had a full diary of face to face meeting with clients, team members and alumni – by Monday morning they had all been postponed or moved to virtual meetings. I know from conversations with many of you that you are experiencing the same.

This is the new reality for us all for the foreseeable future.  For most of us, the uncertainty on all fronts brings an understandable level of concern.  However, we have been humbled this week by the wealth of fantastic initiatives happening throughout our community. Many of us are volunteering our time to frontline and neighbourhood support as well as offering free coaching to clients and frontline support workers.

We want to help you with all that you are doing and to support you to get through the coming weeks and months at your best. We believe that rather than seeking to do what others are already doing so well our focus needs to be on what we can do to make a difference. To that end we have identified three ways we can support you:

  1. We will be a conduit of information for you
  2. We will act as a curator of resources for you
  3. We will be a source of continuous learning for you

This is not intended to be a finite list so please let us know of any other ways you think we can help.


  1. What we will do as a conduit of information

We are mindful that there is an avalanche of information at the moment – both on ever changing developments in the current situation and on mitigation/adaptation efforts within the coaching fraternity.  However, within our MC network, we want to offer to be your post-box from the community to the community for information which you want to publicise. We will operate as a centre for information, resources and knowledge about support schemes and initiatives which you might be interested in knowing about. We will do this on social media, email and through Connected.  

The intent is to promote efforts and initiatives which might benefit from the input and support of MC members – or help enlighten and encourage us during this time.  We will place light “handrails” to guide the content posted but, given the MC community, I am sure that this will be a channel for the exchange of credible, uplifting and solution focused resources. 

During this time of crisis, the NHS are under more pressure than ever. We as coaches can lend our skills to provide essential wellbeing coaching to NHS health workers. To find out more and register yourself to this scheme, please click here.

What you can do to help

Please send us information about helping schemes you are aware of which need coaches and/or other forms of support to


  1. What we will do as a Curator

As you will have seen, there have been an enormous number of self-help resources, TED talks and guides full of practical tips on everything from working remotely to wellbeing and self-care posted on social media and the net this week. We will curate these for you and will post the best of them to our Connected members’ site as well as circulating the most helpful in a weekly email.  This is not intended to put more on your plate – it is a library of resources for your access as needed.

The popular meditation app Headspace is currently offering free support during the worldwide Covid-19 health crisis, click here to access.

We’re pleased to share some of the recent Meyler Campbell recommended resources written by members of the Meyler Campbell community:

For more resources in the Connected library and in the Connected online blog, Meyler Campbell Alumni can sign in here:

What you can do to help

Please share helpful resources with us by sending them to


  1. What we will do to support Continuous learning

We will facilitate opportunities for continued learning and mutual support by providing an online space and publicising and supporting individual initiatives. To this end, we are moving our events programme online with immediate effect.

What you can do to help

We are also asking those of you who feel you can to volunteer to facilitate a remote networking or learning group. This could be anything from a book club to a discussion group focusing on a topic of expertise or interest for you. Tell us what you want to do and we will diarise, support and promote it for you.

To get the ball rolling Daniel Burke will facilitate a 90-minute discussion group on the topic of Wellbeing on Thursday 2nd April at 9.30 am.

To register your interest, please email   

And finally, the Meyler Campbell business continues to operate as usual and all of the team are now working remotely. Our Mastered syndicates have all moved online and we are working with clients to adapt the Unleashed programme to meet their changing needs.

I do not want to end without highlighting that during this period, it is essential to manage our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  I encourage you to find ways to do this.  Please tell us about any ideas or suggestions you have of ways that we can do more to support you in this regard. 

We remain committed to standing together with and supporting our Meyler Campbell community.  The community have been through tough times before and by pulling together we have sustained ourselves.  We know that with your generosity and goodwill we can do the same again.   

Stay safe and keep well.

Warmest regards,


Catherine Devitt

Meyler Campbell CEO

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