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Kickstart your productivity this year

Faculty member Liz Gooster shares her tips for a productive 2017.

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Liz Gooster31st January 2017

A Christmas message from the CEO

A christmas message from Catherine Devitt at the end of her first year as CEO of Meyler Campbell.

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Catherine Devitt16th December 2016

John Stopford Scholarship recipient announced

We are delighted to announce that Lizzie Cho will be the first recipient of the John Stopford Scholorship.

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Hannah Patrick16th December 2016

Christmas Networking Event

On December 13th, 50 Meyler Campbell alumni and faculty came together for a christmas drink. 

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Hannah Patrick14th December 2016

Annual Lecture: The 100-Year Life

How would you rethink your life if you knew you would live for 100 years? That was the challenge laid down this week by Professor Andrew Scott at the Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture.

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Katie Driver20th November 2016

The Meyler Campbell Interviews: Anne Scoular

As Meyler Campbell Founder Anne Scoular returns from her sabbatical, she gives us an insight into what she's been up to and what her role will be now that she has returned. 

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Hannah Patrick02nd November 2016