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Psychology Distilled 2016

If you’re convinced that coaching works but are curious to know more about what goes on in the mind to enable the breakthroughs in thinking, changes in behaviour and shifts in direction that as coaches we often witness in our clients, this is the programme for you.

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Hannah Patrick29th April 2016

Meyler Campbell Marathoners

A huge congratulations to our two Meyler Campbell Marathon runners: Claire Maidana our Programme Manager and Katie Driver our Director of Community Engagement.

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Hannah Patrick25th April 2016

The Meyler Campbell Interviews: Catherine Devitt

For the second of a series of interviews, Meyler Campbell’s editor Ian Florance talked to Catherine Devitt, our CEO.

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Ian Florance25th February 2016

Why should we look into a Coaching Fishbowl?

Coaching Fishbowls form key components of our CPD programme. What are they and why should we go to one (or more)?

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Ian Florance26th January 2016

How to use Eventbrite

A little more information on how to use our new booking system, Eventbrite. 

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Hannah Patrick01st January 2016

Professor Herminia Ibarra: Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture 2015

Your current way of thinking is exactly what’s keeping you from stepping up. You’ll need to change your mindset, and there’s only one way to do that: by acting differently

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Ian Florance17th December 2015