Governance & Supervision
Chief Supervisor

Jon Stokes

Jon is both a Business Psychologist and Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has been providing supervision to coaches for many years, both individually and in groups. He brings depth and breadth working both with a psychodynamic approach to individuals and a systems approach to groups and organisations.

He brings a deep understanding of individual psychology, group and organisational dynamics to the challenges faced by leaders. His current practice focuses on leadership coaching for senior leaders at CEO/Main Board level in the UK and abroad. Jon has provided leadership development to many different types of organisations in both commercial and public sectors, and in recent years particularly professional service firms in the law, accountancy, financial services and advertising.

He is an acknowledged expert in the field of systems psychodynamics and a former President of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations. He recently completed a research project “Ego to Eco” on leadership capabilities for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Saïd Business School. Jon has a particular interest in working with people at points of transition in their careers and together with Jan Hall is the author of “Changing Gear – Creating the Life you want after a Full-on Career” (2021) on the transition away from full-time work to what they describe as the Third Life.

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