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Meyler Campbell are delighted to announce that our Spring Conference is now confirmed for Thursday 11 March 2021 at the Royal College of Physicians in London, and bookings are open!

If you already bought your ticket for 2020 then please do get in touch and let us know if you would like to carry your ticket over or whether you would like a full refund. You can contact us at

As you would expect from Meyler Campbell we plan to host a great line-up of speakers but as yet these are unconfirmed. Watch this space!

To remind yourself of what the agenda for our postponed 2020 conference was, please see below. You can expect the same quality of speakers and sessions at our 2021 conference.


8:30     Registration

9:30     Keynote Speaker: Julia Hoggett



10:45    Session 1:  Independent Thinking: Is that the purpose of real coaching? With Nancy Kline

10:45    Session 2:  How sustainable is your life? An exploration of a strengths-based approach

                                 in cultivating a sustainable life with Kirstan Marnane & Helen Duguid

10:45    Session 3:  Invisible Differences: do you see what I do? With Carol Kauffman




13:30    Open Session: Fatal Bias with Jules Goddard

13:50    Session 4:  Mental Health Coaching: Unethical Premise or Necessary Evolution?

                                 With Sarah Corrie

13:50    Session 5:  Neurocoaching: Neurosubstance or Neuromyth? With Geoff Bird &

                                 Hamira Riaz

13:50    Session 6:  Does Coaching Matter in Organisations? With Anne Scoular, Sasha

                                 Hardman, James Fulton & Jenni Emery

13:50    Session 7:  What if business as usual, wasn’t? With Lucy Hackshaw




15:15    Session 8:    ‘Nudge' Theory 10 Years On: Parlour Room Conversation or Practical

                                    Business Tool? With Jez Groom

15:15    Session 9:     Positive Psychology: A Fraudulent Brand? With Saiyyidah Zaidi

15:15    Session 10:   Technology in Coaching: Opportunity or Threat? With Carol Braddick

                                    & David Lancefield

15:15    Session 11:   Do you need to be like me in order to coach me? With Lizzie Cho &

                                    Sheldon Daniel


16:15    End Keynote: Marc Woods





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