Our training is grounded in rigorous study and evidence and our community boasts leading academics, business people and other influential thinkers - in fields ranging from neuroscience and psychology to sport, management, and the law.

Here's some of the latest research projects, white papers and thought leadership from, and for, our community.

Cross-Cultural Coaching

Although now 20 years old, the survey of cultural variation in management style across Europe still has considerarble value for those undertaking leadership coaching across different cultures in Europe.

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31st July 2020

The Meyler Campbell Guide to Listening

The latest Meyler Campbell guide focuses on the importance of listening. 

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Meyler Campbell31st July 2020

The Fruitful Use of Silence

As part of Meyler Campbell's Guide To Listening, you can read The Fruitful Use of Silence by Jim Platts, taken from Developing Philosophy of Management in June 2002.

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Jim Platts30th July 2020

20 Essays for 20 Years

A collection of Reflective Essays from Members of the Meyler Campbell Community.

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Members of the Meyler Campbell Community30th July 2020

Coaching The Rising Stars of Cancer Research

Ann Orton, Meyler Campbell Faculty Member, has been working closely with CRUK for many years. Read more about how Meyler Campbell students & graduates can offer support for CRUK.

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Meyler Campbell & Cancer Research UK29th July 2020

The Meyler Campbell Guide To Resilience

In the weeks following the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly clear of how much we all need to be resilient.

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Meyler Campbell25th June 2020